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Insect repellents


Insect repellents discourage biting insects & ticks by making it difficult for them to find us, but they do not kill insects. There are now two repellents that work against insects that carry serious diseases  DEET and Icaridin.

DEET-containing products have been proven safe and effective for over 40 years. Icaridin, has recently become available in Canada and is well-tested; it has been recommended as the first choice for children 6 months to 12 years of age by the Canadian Advisory Committee on Tropical Medicine and Travel. 


  • Higher concentrations of the active ingredient provide longer protection (up to 6-12 hours)

  • Always apply sunscreen to your skin first; insect repellent second


“Natural” products are not recommended to protect travellers from insect-carried diseases due to short duration of protection (only 30 minutes to 2 hours) and lack of testing against species of insects that carry important diseases like malaria anddengue.


Insect repellents available at Odyssey clinic

  • Watkin’s 30% DEET lotion (240 ml)                                    
  • Watkin’s 30% DEET lotion (80 ml)                                      
  • PiActive 20% Icaridin spray (175ml)                                 


Insecticide-treated bed nets

Insecticides are designed to kill insects. Insecticide-treated bed nets provide substantial protection against disease-carrying insects, such as the Anopheles mosquito which can carry malaria. These nets are designed to hang over your bed at night, away from the body. In Canada, pre-treated bed-nets may be impregnated with permethrin or deltamethrin, both of which are pyrethroids. A pyrethroid is an organic compound similar to pyrethrins produced by flowers of pyrethrums.

Bed nets, treated or untreated, also act as a barrier against other critters such as scorpions, snakes and bedbugs.


Bed nets available at Odyssey clinics


  • Single                                                                                       

  • Double                                                                                       

  • Net hanging kit                                                                         


Water purification systems


Water purification is an important step in protecting yourself from water-borne diseases.  Microbes and parasites can be reduced or eliminated through proper purification of water used for washing and cooking.

Filtration refers to the separation of particles and organic debris from liquids. Water-filters can physically remove giardia and cryptosporidium, as well as improve the taste of the water. Disinfecting water with the use of chlorine dioxide, available in liquid or tabs, is effective against: viruses, bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium, botulism, e.coli,cholera, and many other contaminants, thus keeping water safe to drink.


Water purification available at Odyssey clinic


  • Water Purification Tabs – Pristine (up to 50L)                     
  • Water Purification Liquid – Pristine (up to 120L)                    
  • Water Purification Bottle with Filter – Pristine                        
  • Replacement Filter – Pristine                                                    


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