Are you travelling to Pakistan?

Pakistan is a developing country in South Asia. Pakistan’s coastline runs along the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman to the South. Neighbouring countries are India, Afghanistan, Iran and China. Pakistan’s landscapes consist of plains, deserts, forests, hills and plateaus. It is home to the second tallest mountain on Earth, K2. Southwest monsoon season is June through September.

Capital City: Islamabad

Languages: English and Urdu

Population: 191 million

Currency: Pakistani Rupee

Entry & Exit Requirements:

  • Tourist, Business, Work or Student visa is required. Canadians must have a passport.
  • Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required for travellers coming from countries with YF transmission.
  • Polio vaccination exit requirements: As of June 1, 2014 Pakistan has implemented the World Health Organization’s temporary recommendations to reduce polio transmission and requires that all travellers who have been in country  >4 weeks and all residents of Pakistan require documentation of Polio vaccination within one year of departure from country. Documentation should be on an ICVP.

Diseases to consider:

Travel Alerts

Check Government of Canada advisories specific to Pakistan here.