Are you travelling to Equatorial Guinea?

Equatorial Guinea is a developing country located between Cameroon and Gabon on the West Coast of Africa. The country consists of 5 islands and one mainland territory, Rio Muni. The capital city is located on the northernmost island, called Bioko. The rainy season on the mainland, Rio Muni, is from December to February and the rainy season on Bioko is June to August.

Capital City: Malabo

Languages: Spanish, French & Portuguese

Regional languages: Fang, Bube, Igbo, Pidgin English, Annobonnese

Population: 800,000

Currency: Central African Franc

Entry Requirements:

  • Tourist or Business visa is required. Canadians must have a passport.
  • Yellow Fever vaccination certificate may be required for travellers coming from countries with or without YF transmission.

Diseases to consider:

Travel Alerts

Check Government of Canada advisories specific to Equatorial Guinea here.