Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

What is HPV?


Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection is a common sexually-transmitted infection that can lead to cervical cancer, anal cancer and genital warts.  Most people with HPV do not develop symptoms. 

A vaccination is available to prevent it, and is provided in Alberta for boys & girls in grade 5 and in a catch-up program in adolescence. 

The new 9-valent vaccine offers protection against five more types of HPV than the older Gardasil vaccine, and has the potential to help prevent 90% of cervical cancers caused by HPV. 

Females between the ages of 9-45 years of age and males between the ages of 9-26 years of age, can choose to get this vaccination irrespective of travel.




Vaccine name: Gardasil® 9

Minimum age: 9 years

Primary series: 3 doses (0, 1 & 6 months)

Booster: No booster recommended after primary series